America Energy, Inc.

(Hall 16 / Stand D02 / Booth 12)

America Energy, Inc.
20861 Johnson Street, #115
Pembroke Pines, Florida 33028 USA

Phone: +1.954.762.7763

Contact: Alberto Aure. CEO-President


America Energy design and manufacture oxygen generators, air compressors and vacuum systems fully assembled and tested in the USA, using excellent components, and complying with strict quality controls. All systems are UL certified and designed according to NFPA 99 & US Pharmacopeia.

Offered in a variety of arrangements to meet market demands, the oxygen generators O2SmArt are designed to produce oxygen at 93% +/- 3% (per US Pharmacopeia) and O2SmArt Plus +95% oxygen purity, the PSA package are offered with oil-less or oil-lubricated air compressors. DPSA system can provide +99% oxygen purity. The air compressor product range cover open and enclosed oil-less scroll air compressors, oil-less piston and oil lubricated screw open and low sound enclosed with special design for oxygen generators applications. The vacuum systems cover lubricated or dry rotary vane, claw (oil-less & contact-less) with optional variable frequency driver and oxygen assured for WAGD applications.