Tapmedic, LLC

(Hall 16 / Stand G02 / Booth 7)

Tapmedic, LLC
9424 Baymeadows Road, Suite 250
Jacksonville, Florida 32256 USA

Phone: +1.904.351.0244
Fax: +1.904.351.0245

Contact: Kevin Tabery, Director of Sales
Email: ktabery@tapmedic.com

Website: www.tapmedic.com

Products / Service:
Tapmedic is an innovative medical device company offering high-quality pressure infusers and blood pressure cuffs. Clariflo Pressure Infusers – Classic, Ultimate, and Flex. Classic features a durable white nylon bag completely disposable, eliminating the need to clean or repair. Ultimate is designed for reuse, easy to clean and produced with a durable reinforced blue nylon bag. Flex provides a separate cuff and inflator. The concept – change out the bag while continuing to use the same inflator. This helps reduce medical waste. All pressure infusers are available in sizes, 4 styles with the piston gauge, aneroid gauge, and thumbwheel. Our newest line – Claricuff Blood Pressure Cuffs are durable, comfortable, extremely accurate and economical. Available in all sizes, single patient use and reusable.