TECHFIT Digital Surgery, Inc.

(Hall 16 / Stand B02 / Booth 25)

TECHFIT Digital Surgery, Inc.
1511 Aviation Center Parkway, Ste 220H
Daytona Beach, Florida 32114 USA

Phone: +1.929.248.8135

Contact: Mauricio Toro, CEO


TECHFIT Digital Surgery offers a complete platform for the treatment of reconstructive pathologies of the Osteo-muscular System. The process starts with the imaging files (CT,MRI) which are converted into a 3D model that the surgeon can use via our app to visualize the case in Augmented Reality (AR) and to plan the case with our expert case engineering team. 3D printing is used to obtain models that the surgeon can use to further improve his planning and to educate the patient on the treatment. Once a case plan is obtained TECHFIT Digital Surgery can manufacture custom titanium implants and plastic instruments to ensure a more precise surgery, better outcomes and shorter surgical times. After the surgery, our Analytics Platform uses the data from case to improve treatment algorithms one case at a time and provides the best possible surgical care to every patient.