Atlas Specialty Lighting

(Hall 16 / Stand E02-1 / Booth 31)

Atlas Specialty Lighting is one of the largest stocking distributors of replacement lamps and biomedical batteries for the medical industry. Providing quality brand-name Medical bulbs and batteries for any and all applications at very competitive prices, with an excellent customer service. Our experience staff is always prepared to assist you in identifying the correct Lamp for any of your needs.

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(Hall 16 / Stand B02 / Booth 27)

Global leaders and ISO 13485 certified Manufacturer of Tourniquets, Esmark Bandages, Rehab/Fitness Bands and multitude of other Latex & Latex Free Elastics used for Medical Disposables gowns & accessories, Face masks, Diaphragm/Respirator membranes, Surgical Drape sheets, Stockinets, Diaper Tapes and reusable Hospital Bedsheets to name some, while selling in over 75 different countries.

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GeoSurgical, LLC

(Hall 16 / Stand E02 / Booth 10)

GeoSurgical, LLC specializes in the global redistribution of disposable surgical supplies since 2003. We carry original OEM part numbers and materials. At GeoSurgical LLC, we strive to bring the finest products to you without the high price tag you would normally find among traditional suppliers. Whether you need Trauma, Orthopedic, General Surgery or any other disposable surgical supplies, you’ll find it conveniently through GeoSurgical.

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Martam Medical, LLC

(Hall 16 / Stand B02 / Booth 26)

Martam Medical is committed to improving the lives of patients around the world. We focus on designing, developing, and manufacturing high-quality medical devices to support intravascular (IV) and catheter-related applications. Our approach for commercializing new innovations allows our products to be accessible anywhere in the world fulfilling our mission to treat all people with the same level of care.

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Pegasus Medical Concepts, LLC

(Hall 16 / Stand E02 / Booth 11)

Pegasus Medical is the partner of leading healthcare organizations and hospitals on 5 continents. Our clients recommend our products and solutions since we greatly simplify healthcare materials management with flexible and scalable solutions. We provide significant cost savings and stand behind our methodology with unmatched expertise and support.

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Sharn, Inc.

(Hall 16 / Stand G02 / Booth 4)

Since 1983 Sharn has specialized in providing unique disposable products for Anaesthesia, Pain Management, Sterile Processing, MRI, Laboratory and Infection Prevention. Key products include Crystaline® Temperature Indicators, DermaTherm™ Perfusion Indicators, EyeGard™ Patient Eye Protection and a full line of instrument cleaning brushes. Now also featuring Hopkins Medical totes and products for EMS, home care nurses and other traveling healthcare providers.

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(Hall 16 / Stand G02 / Booth 6)

Throughout our evolution, the importance of natural products for medicine and health has been enormous. In fact, it has only been during the past decades that natural products have taken a secondary role in drug discovery and development. The past few years, however, have seen a renewed interest in the use of natural compounds and, more importantly, their role as a basis for drug development.

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Tapmedic, LLC

(Hall 16 / Stand G02 / Booth 7)

Tapmedic is an innovative medical device company offering high-quality pressure infusers and blood pressure cuffs. Clariflo Pressure Infusers – Classic, Ultimate, and Flex. Classic features a durable white nylon bag completely disposable, eliminating the need to clean or repair. Ultimate is designed for reuse, easy to clean and produced with a durable reinforced blue nylon bag. Flex provides a separate cuff and inflator.

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