Message From Florida’s Governor

Dear Friends:

I invite you to explore how doing business in Florida can help your company grow. Florida is home to the nation’s second largest medical device manufacturing industry and ranks No. 2 in pharmaceuticals and medicine manufacturing. Florida also ranks No. 6 in the biotech R&D industry, with more than $1.2 billion spent each year by Florida universities in life sciences R&D.

During the past eight years, we have worked every day to make Florida the best place for businesses to grow. Today, Florida’s economy is booming, and Florida’s private sector has created more than 1.6 million jobs since December 2010, making Florida’s economy the 17th largest in the world.

I’m proud of the work we’ve done to cut taxes by more than $10 billion and create an environment that supports economic success. Nearly 80 percent of Florida businesses don’t pay business taxes, which means companies can invest more in creating new job opportunities. We have also eliminated thousands of burdensome regulations and paid down more than $10 billion in state debt.

Businesses are growing in Florida, and Florida families are finding more opportunities to achieve their dreams. I am confident the Sunshine State is the best place for your business to expand and create new opportunities..

Sincerely,Rick Scott