Advanced Oxygen Therapy Inc.

(Booth: Hall 16 / Stand D02 / Booth 12)

Advanced Oxygen Therapy Inc. (AOTI)
8050 N. University Drive., Suite 202
Tamarac, Florida 33321 USA

Advanced Oxygen Therapy Inc. (AOTI)
3512 Seagate Way, STE 100
oceanside, California 92056 USA

Phone: +1.760.431.4700

Contact: Mike Griffiths, CEO and Medical Director


Advanced Oxygen Therapy Inc. (AOTI) is Advancing Health Equity and Addressing Disparities with its cyclical-pressurized Topical Wound Oxygen (TWO2) therapy. RCT & RWE proven to sustainably heal chronic wounds, resulting in significant reductions in hospitalizations and amputations. TWO2 is a unique multi-modality approach applied by the patient at home that combines higher pressure oxygen delivery, with cyclical non-contact compression and humidification. Proven to Deliver Sustained Wound Healing, Reduce Recurrences, Hospitalizations and Prevent Amputations, So Life Can Get Back to Normal.