Integen, LLC

(Hall 16 / Stand F02 / Booth 3)

Integen, LLC
8865 Commodity Circle, Suite 2
Orlando, Florida 32819 USA

Phone: +1.321.946.0403
Fax: +1.407.730.3248

Contact: Ramesh Babu, Founder & CEO


InteGen develops innovative, clinically useful, and cost-effective DNA FISH probes for the cytogenetics community. We offer multi-color metaphase and interphase chromosome profiling, including our Rapid FISH with 15-min hybridization. InteGen FISH probes 1) detect balanced, unbalanced, & Robertsonian translocations, 2) provide high-resolution breakpoint assignment, 3) characterize marker & add chromosomes, and 4) detect balanced & unbalanced sub-telomere rearrangements. Our rapid hybridization allows same day results, permitting fresh embryo transfer for IVF patients. Also, our multiplex rehybridization protocol makes complete molecular profiling on a single circulating tumor cell possible.