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Integen, LLC

(Hall 16 / Stand G02 / Booth 3)

Integen, LLC
8865 Commodity Circle, Suite 2
Orlando, Florida 32819 USA

Phone: +1.321.946.0403
Fax: +1.407.730.3248

Contact: Ramesh Babu, Founder & CEO
Email: rbabu@integenllc.com

Website: www.oncosure.us

InteGen is a diagnostic reagent manufacturing company that has developed disruptive technologies including innovative DNA probes with clinical applications in cancer genetics, prenatal diagnoses, miscarriages, and IVF. All human cancers can be detected by OncoSureTM in <2 hours using a noninvasive a 2-3cc peripheral
blood sample. OncoSure’s powerful, cost-effective screening technology can detect cancers much earlier and typically faster than more expensive, invasive, and noninvasive, serum marker and imaging tests (e.g., PSA, CT and PET scan). OncoSure can also monitor cancer treatment efficacy in 100% concordance with clinical remission. We are looking for worldwide distributors for our products. To learn more, visit InteGen in Hall 16, G02-3.