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Protech Medical Made in the USA

Something my father used to say is, “the best way to help small businesses is to buy something from them.”

I am the owner of Protech Medical, an innovative, family-owned and operated manufacturer of high-quality radiation safety apparel. Our small business has been hiring locally and sourcing locally for over 25 years and has grown to a family of over 45 strong. We pulled through the recession and so many challenges because we are all one big diverse family; loyal to each other and our mission to provide the best possible protective apparel for doctors and healthcare professionals.

Many people, especially individuals, talk about the glamour of business and their success. The truth of small businesses is, we are getting ground down. Very few people have your back and that is true both in life but even more so in business. There are more barriers to entry in our market, and less support for business owners and manufacturers, than ever before. Most small businesses are selling-out and our industry is no exception. Hedge funds are buying out small business owners, hollowing out their companies, and folding them into larger groups to be packaged in a bow and sold to the next larger hedge fund.

Compared to the past 25 years, there has been no greater challenge to small businesses than Covid. Faced with labor shortages, hospital restrictions, supply disruptions, and raw materials costs that have risen over 30%, our organization has had to dig deep and solve problems almost daily.

Fortunately, Protech still stands today as a generational small business manufacturer. Our success is a result of grinding each and every day, never giving up, and always evolving to meet new challenges. Most individuals talk about their success, but they forget to mention the shoulders they stood on to reach and grab it. The sacrifices my staff and family have made can never fully be repaid.

I wish I could write something more glamorous about our business, but I’d rather say a thank you to all of our amazing team: Felicia, Evin, Rachael, Martina, Michelle, Jim, Dayami, Victor, Thomas….. Thanks to them, so many others not mentioned, our customers, and a little luck, Protech stands today stronger than ever.

We are also grateful to organizations like the Florida International Medical Expo (FIME) and Enterprise Florida for providing an opportunity to showcase who we are and for being a great partner in helping grow our business here at home and globally.

From all of us at Protech, if you need made in the USA radiation safety products, then give us a call. We would love to welcome you to the family!

Visit us in booth # F39 at The Florida International Medical Expo, July 27-29th 2022 at Miami Beach Convention Center. You can also connect with us on FIME ONLINE form July 11th to August 29th Register to attend both events FREE https://fimeshow.info/3vx6Rat Protech specializes in manufacturing hand-stitched radiation safety apparel, namely lightweight aprons, eyewear, and our globally recognized Proguard attenuation glove brand. We also produce mobile x-ray barriers in-house, made of locally sourced steel and aluminum. Founded in 1994 by my father, Protech has grown into a power-house brand and stands as one of the last remaining family owned and operated manufacturers in the radiation safety industry. www.protechmed.com.