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Protech Leaded Eyewear, In. DBA Protech Medical

(Hall 16 / Stand D02-1 / Booth 22)

Protech Leaded Eyewear, In. DBA Protech Medical
1360 N. Killian Drive, Unit 2
Lake Park, Florida 33403 USA

Phone: +1.561.627.9769

Contact: Laure-Ann Cloutier, Sales Director
Email: global@protechmed.com

Website: www.protechmed.com

Protech is a family-owned and operated manufacturer of high-quality radiation protective apparel in South Florida. Protech continues to innovate stylish and light-weight products all while maintaining its commitment to quality. A comprehensive product portfolio and world-class customer service back our customer-driven focus. Our Italian heritage means one thing: it doesn’t matter if you were born into our family, your support is all that matters. When you wear our product, you support many Protech families just like yours. Thanks to your support, this small family business has become a global leader in radiation safety. Our mission is to keep you safe by reducing exposure to ionizing radiation and its harmful effects by focusing on our core principles: Quality, Service, and Integrity. We understand the importance of our products and how they contribute to your well-being. Protech’s passion is, and will always be, your safety.